Knysna's legendary dolphins

and how 
these magical creatures 

What is it about dolphins that has inspired and raised so much awe over the years with us human beings. Maybe it’s because we love the way they follow the rhythm of the ocean so seamlessly when they are surfing or playing in the waves, or just their fun loving attitude.  I remember watching the movie Flipper on “videotape” as a child, we watched it over and over again with my grandmother. It was the most magical creature to me, and made me want to dive in the water after every time. They always looked like they are smiling. There are many activities, cruises and opportunities to encounter sightings of these beautiful creatures whether you are on shore, or on the ocean. Even though there are almost 10 species that can be observed in South Africa, the most commonly spotted dolphin in Knysna are the Bottlenose dolphin and the Common dolphin.

Dolphins are amongst the most intelligent marine animals in the way they interact, play and hunt. Echolocation is high frequency clicks which allows dolphins to communicate by interpreting the echoes of sound waves that bounce off of objects in the ocean.

Between Plettenberg Bay, Knysna and Buffalo Bay the common dolphins are rarely seen in small groups and occur in big pods of hundreds at a time, especially during the sardine run. It is an unforgettable experience to see them swimming, or surfing at the bow of the boat, and not many other experiences comes close to this.

The bottlenose dolphin can be seen much closer to shore and are found in much smaller pods from 10 to 15 at a time. They are powerful swimmers and can reach speeds of up to 30km and hour.

There are many activities during which you can encounter dolphins in the Garden Route, like sailing, scuba-diving, or just being at the right beach, at the right time. We hope you are lucky enough to experience the joy of these magnificent creatures.