We can't do what we do without our crew!

Our crew

Meet the crew – a team of fun loving, vibrant  people who cant wait to share their love of all things sailing with you: 

Neil Van Deventer

Neil is incredibly passionate about sailing and marine conservation in general. He loves to share his knowledge and love for the ocean and our area with those that join on charters. As a skipper he is cool, calm and collected and knows his way around this coastline. He loves to entertain and most guests will leave as friends…

Simon Van Deventer

The yacht, Ocean Rhythm, is Simon’s baby, and if you take a look inside you will see clear reflections of him in the décor and written quotes. A true sailor and a warm, down to earth person, he will make you feel most welcome from the moment you climb aboard.

Naomi Heyns

Naomi is our lovely hostess during the summer months. Because Naomi is a bookkeeper by trade, Ocean Sailing Charters fulfils the need to get her share of the wind and sea as much as possible. She always takes care of the guests and makes sure everyone is topped up and having a good time!

Bella & Chenoa

These two are our crew in training. Bella loves the sea and comes along at times when Leigh is on board. She is a friendly, smiley little girl and will certainly keep everyone entertained! Chenoa is a keen hostess and loves to prepare and serve snacks. She is also learning the ropes (literally) of sailing and often helps Neil as a deckie when she joins on a charter.

Our photographers

Book a photographer for your sailing adventure.


Elle photography loves to capture the free spirit and natural moments in any situation, whether its weddings, corporate, functions, events, kids and families. She puts her heart and soul into the moment with you and try to reflect each ones individual personalities.


Charlie's approach is to imagine that her client’s moments or events are her own, and what she would have wanted in that very moment, from there she crafts the beautiful ideas. She also likes good coffee, spending time with family and friends, her 2 labradors & her stand up paddle board.